My e-Dream

My Mission: As a child, I developed the dream to be able to contribute to the world helping millions of people with the insights and knowlegde that I aquired during my life journey on this globe.

My Awakening: I started this journey around the age of 15, reading dozens of books about the human brain, about human psychology and especially about how to help people make changes in their life. One incident has changed my life: it was a book about the linguistics of behavioral change. I suddently discovered that human behavioural change is no miraculous gift or talent: it is craftmanship: you can study, learn and master it. There are scientific methods to study the efficiency and effectiviness of processes and techniques that help people change their habits. I learned that one can compare which method leads to better results than other methods. I was amazed an thrilled about this discovery.

My Studies: I decided to study Medicines to understand the human body and brain, then Sports Medicines to learn about training peak performance of the healthy body. Meanwhile, I studied Philosophy at the Catholic University of Leuven to develop my thinking skills and to understand life, followed by Management & Business Administration at the VLERICK School for Management. Then I studied Systemic Solution Focused Therapy, Classical hypnotherapy & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

My work: I started to work as a physician & pscyhotherapist for individual patients and as a trainer and business coach for organisations. Since i was among the first in Europe to explore the field of business coaching, I was forced to develop my own model, integrating insights of my different educations in medicines, management, philosophy & psychology. Training in that field was non-existent in those pioneering years.

My turnaround: Recently, I returned to my initial dream: How can I contribute to improving the lives of millions of people all over the globe? How can I help businesses  perform better & humanly? There are only 24 hours in a day. How can I help more people per day than that there are hours available?

My e-Dream: On a sunny vacation in the south of Europe, relaxing along the swimming pool, my ideas started to be shaped: I would together with my team co-create online expert systems that contain the intelligence of the best therapists in the world, the greatest thinkers on our globe, the best coaches in each field. Over the years of passion for human psychology, I became friends with many of them. So we decided to join forces. Over the coming months and years, we will release a series of online tools that can help, you, your friends of colleagues to improve their lives or professional performance.

My Request: You can help us in realising this dream. If you have ideas or suggesions about your needs, or the needs of your friends, family & colleagues, let us know. Your input can help us decide which services to develop first, or your insights can help us create better services, that are a closer answer to your needs. Mail me your idea’s!

My Gratitude: I whish to thank my friends and mentors who have contributed to this dream with their ideas, teachings and insights. This is why I wanted to mention some of them here as silent contributors. There are so many more, i could not mention due to shortage of space. They are in my mind.


Thanks to my mentors, friends an teachers:


My Mentors: I decided to travel a lot, to meet the geniuses in my field: to learn from them, to have long discussions together where I could seek answers for all my questions, ask feedback on my work. I was happy to meet dozens of masters, almost ‘magicians’ in psychology. I had coffee with the philosopher and linguist Paul Watzlawick in his office in Palo Alto, with John Grinder (founder of NLP) in a Vienna, enjoyed beers with Steve de Shazer, made long reflective walks with his wife Insoo Kim berg, Interviews with John Weakland and numerous private talks, teachings or workshops with geniuses like Albert Ellis (REBT) and his wife Debbie, Aaron Beck (Cognitive Therapy), Dalai Lama (Bhudism),  David Cheek (Gynecologist), Ernest Rossi (Ericksonian), William Glasser (Reality Therapy), Stephen Gilligan (Ericksonian), Betty-Alice Erickson (Ericksonian), Jay Haley (Strategic Family Therapy), Viktor Frankl (Logotherapie) , Yvonne Dolan (PTSD), Donald Meichenbaum (PTSD), Luc Isebaert (Theory of Habits), Martin Seligman (Learned Helplesness), Francine Shapiro (EMDR)  Robert Dilts (NLP), Salvador Minuchin (Family Therapy), Humberto Maturana (Systemic Thinking), Irvin Yalom (Psychoanalyst), Anna Freud, Bert Hellinger (Systemic constellations),  Noan Chomski (Linguist), Peter Senge (Learning Organisation), Eli Goldratt (Theory of Constraints),  Gary Hamel (Strategic Intent), Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication), Ken Blanchard (The One Minute Manager), Steve Covey (The Seven Habits), and dozens of others …

All of them have directly or indirectly contributed to this e-Dream and project. They deserve to be recognised for their contribution.

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