Depression cured: I love myself, I am my best friend

I just talked to a friend. I did not see her for a year and at that moment, she had a hard time, she felt down and depressed. So, I asked her: “Hi, how are you doing?” She answered: “Hey, I am ok 🙂 … very good!”

Listen to our conversation:

– Feeling better than last year?

– Much more 🙂 !

– How did you make that change?

– Just understood that I am the best friend of my own 🙂 and I love myself and thought that I am the best. I love my life!

She teaches us a wise lesson: as long as we look for friends or others to make us happy, we will suffer because we are dependent on others. The day we understand that we are our own best friend to love, live becomes sunny again, and depression fades away from our lives and turns into satisfaction and happiness.

Sometimes we can help others to discover their love for themselves by giving them our love. But never can we expect others to give us love … because waiting to be loved, makes us dependent, scared, helpless and depressed.

When you hear a friend talking about love with an undertone of expecting to be loved, then we know he or she will suffer more before finding inner peace. When his or her speech changes into “I desire to give Love”, then you know that Love is coming soon. My clinical practice show this truth over and over again: if a patient starts to love and accept himself, then i know i will see him with a peaceful smile the next time he enters my consultation. If a patient starts to give love (without sacrificing the own needs), then cure is happening.

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