How do I become a Leader in 15 minutes?

Saturday afternoon, my training at the national convention of AIESEC Belgium will be on the following topic:

Title:  “How to become a Leader in 15 minutes per day

Subtitle:  ‘Resolve challenges to grow yourself into a leader

Dr. Paul Koeck will show how investing 15 minutes per day in your personal and professional development as a leader will help you:

  • Resolve any type of stress
  • Focus on who you want to become (instead of focusing on day-to-day problems)
  • Discover your deepest dreams and realize them
  • Discover your personal talents and utilize them
  • Choose your right priorities in function of your goal

This workshop integrates elements of Stress Management with keys to successful Leadership because the path towards leadership starts with cleaning out what keeps you from progressing, resolving your issues, bottlenecks and stress. Once you master this skill, you will get a clearer insight in how you can grow as a leader and create your own vision to guide you towards discovering how you will use your existing talents better to reach your goal and fulfill your dream.

Preparation: for those who speak Dutch, we invite them to do the “online self scan” at and print the results and bring them to the workshop. We will discuss your score at the start of the seminar and explain you how you can use them to grow. There is no English translation of this test available yet, so the internationals can skip this test and still attend the workshop without any problem.

Trainer: Dr. Paul Koeck (

Paul Koeck studied medicines, philosophy and sports medicines in Leuven, management at the Vlerick School for management and was professionally trained as a Solution Focused Therapist, systemic coach and therapist and as a master in Ericksonian hypnosis. He trained leaders in most continents all over the world: USA, Argentina, India and most European countries and coached leaders in several Fortune top 500 firms. His concepts are teached at different universities over various continents. Further, he works as a physician and therapist in Antwerp and developed an online self-help program to offer online psychotherapy for participants who prefer to cure themselves without attending a therapist.

He authored four books on personal development, stress management and therapy who are available at

His websites are:

  1. Business & Leadership coaching at
  2. Online therapy at
  3. Personal blog at

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