Our New blog @ www.coachteam.org

Dear Friends, I am happy to tell you that we are launching our new blog at www.coachteam.org.

What is the difference with my personal Blog?

1. www.paulkoeck.com reflects my personal ideas that might be related to my private life as well as to my greatest passion: my profession!
2. www.coachteam.org is developed by our team and reflects interesting information about the latest developments in the fields of selfhelp or psychology. They do not necessarily reflect our opinion but helps people follow what new insights and ideas are emerging on the markt of selfhelp.
3. www.coachteam.com is our business professional website where we anounce our new products. We will there soon anounce our new releaseof our online selfhelp service.

So I invite you to visit both of them on a regular basis!


there will soon be an interesting website at www.feeldesired.com

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