The Alchemist: How Paulo Coelho escaped from Failure to Success, living his Legend!

Success comes often when you follow your true inner nature. “Live your legend” as Paulo Coelho writes in his bestseller “The Alchemist“. Paulo always felt he wanted to be a writer, but he did not do it … until he reached the age of 39.

At that point in his life he made a life changing Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. That was the moment where he realized that he had two choices: either to do it, or to decide to accept that he would not be a writer. He decided to write and his first book became the story his Pilgrimage to Santiago. Then he decided to share his ideas in the form of a metaphor or story and he gave birth to “The Alchemist”.  This book did not become a success. Only when he published his third book, “Brida”, he decided to resubmit the Alchemist with a different publisher and it became a hit.

Paulo Coelho trusts that word of mouth will share your message some day, on condition that you keep sharing your message, keep living your legend, and do not give up. Listen tohis story in the BBC interview with Paulo Coelho himself!


  1. What is your “Legend”  (“Destiny” or “Calling”) ?
  2. What open choices do you have in your life today?

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