Music into Harmony.

At the facutly of philosophy, Hannelore and I became friends. After dreaming away in the worlds of possibilities that philosophers create with words, we went for a drink in Café Erasmus, right in front of our faculty of philosophy (Hoger Instituut Wijsbegeerte) in Leuven. The second half of the day, or maybe night, we would change the word during our nightly meta-discussions. This year, we rediscovered eachother and she offered me her last CD recording – she does with music what I do with people: create a context for inner harmony.  That night, I returned home and discovered the harmony and peace that came over me while listening to her. So, instead of buying an exotic commercial relaxation CD, I would recomend you, my friends, to consider her latest CD: “Hannelore De Vaere – The Fellowship“. It Reminds me what reasearchers found out recently as one of the best cooping strategies for dealing with post traumatic stress: listen to your favorite music. It appeared to be more effective than most official “relaxation” techniques. Paul

Hannelore De Vaere:

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