“The Secret of Coaching yourself to successful Leadership & Personal Habits in 30 days!” with JCI Vilnius

JCI Vilnius organizes a seminar with me on thursday evening 29th October at 18.30 – 22.30 hs: “The Secret of Coaching yourself to successful Leadership & Personal Habits in 30 days!”  by Dr. Paul Koeck, IG. (ISM university, Arkliu street 18, Vilnius). .

During this 4-hour seminar, we will first analyze how Alexander the Great could build the foundations of his Empire. Next you will discover how an action plan for your own life and dreams should be developed. Then you will learn how the human brain and psychology is wired and how to use your brain in order to develop effective habits for success in your private and professional life. You will get some academic insights in recent findings of medical & psychological research, plus learn how to apply these insights in your own selfcoaching to fulfill your dreams or to coach your beloved ones or professional contacts according to our newest research. We will offer you some practical tools to start your journey after this insightful night!
After this Training, you will know:
  • The Leadership Secret of Alexander the Great of Macedonia
  • How to coach yourself and others to develop similar success habits within 30 days
  • How to prevent relaps to old habits  in 180 days
  • How the human brain learns new habits and how to use this insight for yourself
  • How to apply this knowlegde in your private life as well as in your professional life

If you want to see video fragments of my previous JCI Strategic Leadership Training, go to: www.coachteam.com/jci .

Call JCI Vilnius if you want to join my training: www.facebook.com/jcivilnius

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