The Secret of Gary Kasparov

Chess World Champion Gary kasparov came over to Belgium this week. He analyses his own success secrets. Since it connects very closely to my personal experience as a Business Coach of highly effective leaders, I wanted to summarize some key idea’s:

  1. Reflect on your ‘Decision Process’:
    1. analyze how you take decisions in your life: become counscious of how you took your succesfull decisions and make reflecting on your decisions a habit. This will lead to creating a personal decision style.
    2. success is the consequence of the quality of your decision processes, and long term success of the quality of your improvement process of making better decisions
  2. Selfconfidence: trust your own decisions
    1. Be consistent in your decisions by learning to trust your own decision process
    2. flexibility and adaptability to circumstances are not a contradiction to consistency on condition that you choose yourself your own strategy
    3. Keep following your plan, and do not let others distract you from your plan.
    4. choose your own style and play your own game

The reason why I want to share this with you, is because it correlates with the findings in our coaching survey: clients who have been coached succesfully, all report that the main added value of their coaching process is “reflection”: they all report that they have learned to reflect on their decisions.

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